SOLD OUT Trusting the Tide (unframed)
SOLD OUT Trusting the Tide (unframed)
SOLD OUT Trusting the Tide (unframed)

SOLD OUT Trusting the Tide (unframed)

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Medium: Multi plate Dry Point Etching

Edition: 5

Size: 75cm x 54cm

'The Swan and The Owl"

The Swan and the Owl is a series of etching prints, depicting two iconic birds that illustrate a tale of transformation, friendship and trust.

Using the dry-point etching technique, individual plates have been combined to create a layered effect, printed onto white paper

In mythology the swan and the owl have often been used to represent human qualities.

The swan in my work became a symbol for transformation and masculinity.

The owl denotes wisdom throughout many tales and in Australian Aboriginal culture, the owl is a symbol for the female soul. There is wisdom and calm within the feminine owl alongside the masculine divinity of the swan

From these stories the Swan and the Owl are metaphors for the masculine and the feminine.

The narrative floats within each work like chapters in a book, using motifs from nature to epitomise a modern day tale of human adoration.