Definition Of Dry Point Etching: The process is like using a pen without the ink – literally, drawing with a dry point – to create an impression of a drawing that, when inked, can be printed from again and again. Think of it as an etching without the acid, or engraving with an etching needle. The soft, feathery lines of drypoint lend themselves to playful illustrations or expressive sketches, which can then produce an edition of prints. Traditionally drypoint is done on copper plates with a diamond- or carbide-tipped needle. It is then inked (as in all intaglio methods) and cleaned, leaving ink only in the crevices. The force of the printing press then squeezes out the remaining ink and the image is transferred onto the paper – this requires tremendous pressure that cannot be applied by hand (hence the necessity of a press).

I need help with Framer, can you recommend someone or organise it for me?

Yes I can! I am more than happy to organise framing for you within the Melbourne Metro area. I have a brilliant local framer who I use, Anthony, at Oliver and Co Framing.

Feel free to call him yourself if you want to organise frames from a professional who has been framing my artworks for 15 years. Or I can arrange this for you.


I liked an artwork that was online but it has since SOLD. Do you have another one the same that I can buy?
Not always as each piece is entirely unique! There may be another one like it but never exactly the same.

A few months ago I found a design I liked on instagram, do you have any left?
Possibly,  pieces sell fast due to creating such a limited range! Limited edition prints are restricted to the number available and original paintings are one offs! Its first in first served basis. So once they are sold they are gone forever to happy home. However digital reproductions of any works offered are usually always available if stated. Textiles are always available to order. Ceramics are all handpainted by me and are first in first served. Another handful stay in our studio for customers to browse (please visit us!), or I send them to stockists around Australia and the world. If you fall in love with a piece it’s best to jump on it straight away and buy it!

I need a gift for this weekend! Do you offer express shipping?
I will do my best within reason of course, generally all shipping is with 2-3 days, in Victoria and 4-7 days Insterstate.

I don't live in Australia. Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, we do! But please discuss Shipping costs depending on the Item you would like to purchase as it will vary depending on the weight.

Can I visit your studio?
Yes I am always happy for you to drop by please note that It’s a small home based studio with a busy family but I am more than happy to arrange a time for you drop in and say hi and select your piece in person. I live in Thornbury. Victoria.

Please contact me to make a time to visit. bella@clarewhitney.com

Can my store become a stockist of your products?

Thanks for asking! I am selective with stockists but would love to have some information and especially photos of your boutique or gallery shop, so I can help decide what pieces might best suit your location and wholesale conditions. Sorry NO consignment is available on any Items. Please email me with details and photos at bella@clarewhitney.com for consideration.

I love your Fabrics, What types of material can you print on.

I can print on most fabrics, Cotton, Silk, Canvas to name a few. Please let me know what fabric you are looking for, or if you would a list of possibilities and prices and I can send you quote bella@clarewhitney.com