ABOUT Clare Whitney

Clare Whitney is a full time professional Artist and mother of two young and very energetic children. As a painter, print-maker and designer Clare's passion for colour and illustration seamlessly crosses over many different mediums. Having lived and worked around Australia and Abroad for almost 15 years in countries from Taiwan, New Zealand, and Fiji, a freedom and love for different cultures and storytelling was immediately interlaced into her own works.
Clare has now settled back into her home studio in Melbourne’s North East, with her own family. A long lasting fascination for the Human-Nature relationship throughout history’s story-telling, has directly influenced her interest in creating a visual dialogue throughout her works. Using mythology and symbolism to create a personal storyboard. Different species depict different characters and play an essential narrative role throughout her work.  Clare illustrates iconic symbols from nature that have existed as forms of communication throughout the ages, her colorful images and eye for detail result in stunning pieces of art that have desired by a wide audience across the globe.
Stemming from traditional Intaglio Etching techniques Clare has developed  her own unique style that is distinctly recognisable.
Hand colouring each plate has bought her two loves, painting and printmaking together, showing off her eye for colour and bringing another dimension to her finely
detailed etching plates.
Moving from painting on canvas to fabrics and now ceramics has been a natural progression and provided another surface for Clare to design Functional Art pieces for all collect and admire.