Walk on the wild side

Walk on the wild side

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Series of works from 2012 Exhibition "After Eden"

After Eden, came Life and Death and all the Beauty in-between.

"Symbols of infinity and life’s lessons are etched into the surface of the human form. Imaginary Worlds collide where the masculine and feminine meet and capture their deep love for the world’s natural beauty within themselves."

In this series of works, mystery and imagination have re introduced themselves as demigods and totem animals.

 A relationship where the “eternal existence meets the internal”

My fascination of the Human-Nature relationship throughout history’s story -telling, has directly influenced her interest in creating a personal dialogue using mythology and symbolism to create her works.

Different species depict different characters and play an essential narrative role throughout her work.

 Addressing the ever-challenging issues of human identity within the environment Whitney illustrates her own experiences using iconic symbols from nature that have existed as forms of communication throughout the ages.

Using traditional Intaglio Etching techniques Whitney has developed her own unique style that is distinctly recognisable.

Hand colouring each plate has bought my two loves, painting and printmaking together, showing off my desire for colour and bringing another dimension to the finely detailed etching plates.


Medium: Hand coloured Multi Plate Dry Point Etching

Edition: 5

Size: 54cm x 75cm