Clare Whitney Print Maker


Please be aware that editions numbers are small as they are of “dry-point” technique.

Many of the prints are not editioned at all due to the original background of old maps or text they have been printed on.

Sizes range from 8cm x 12cm to 56cm x 78cm.

Please contact Clare or use the box provided at the bottom of each image to enquire about a particular work.

Payment, pickup and postage options can all be arrange by contacting Clare via email.


I am available for commissioned artwork projects.

When commissioning an etching please be aware that they take several days (3) to print if the plate is already made. however if you are requiring a particular image to be made into a plate and printed please allow at least 2 weeks.

Please contact me to discuss furthur, timing also depends naturally on size and or availability of Maps.

Painting commissions.At present waiting time is approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Pricing is calculated on materials used plus an hourly rate. For further enquires, please email Clare.